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We hereby inform you that the use of cookies in this web is for the correct functioning of the same. The navigation system uses some navigation data (‘cookies’) to provide web users with a more personalised service. Cookies are small text files which the browser stores when you navigate web pages and Apps. Information can be obtained from the computer IP address used to: connect to a web page, URL address of the requested web page, connection time and other parameters relative to the operational system of the user’s IT environment. This information is collected solely to identify the session with a view to facilitating web page analysis. The user is informed Google may convey this information to third parties when required by law or said third parties process the information on behalf of Google. Google will not associate the user’s IP to other data available, i.e. they will do it totally anonymously. 

Types of cookies.
Depending on the body managing the dominion from where cookies are sent, and data obtained processed, two types can be distinguished: own and third party cookies. There is also a second classification depending on how long they are stored in the customer’s browser, which may be session or persistent cookies. Lastly, there is another classification with 5 types of cookies depending on the purpose for which data obtained are processed: technical cookies, customisation cookies, analysis cookies, publicity cookies and behavioural publicity cookies. For further information on this respect please consult the Spanish Data Protection Agency Guide on the use of cookies. 

Cookies used in the web.
The cookies used in this portal, their type and function are identified below:

NameTypeFunctionSupplierExpiry date
XRSF-TOKENTechnical cookiesHelp prevent Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)OwnSession
Cookieconsent_statusCustomisation cookiesIt stores the user’s cookies consent status for the current domainOwn1 year
_ga [x4]Analysis cookiesRecording a unique ID, they are used to generate statistic data about how visitors interact with the website.Google Tag Manager2 years
_gid [x4]Analysis cookiesRecording a unique ID, they are used to generate statistic data about how visitors interact with the website.Google Tag Manager1 day
_gat [x2]Analysis cookiesUsed by Google Analytics to control the request rate.Google1 day

You can find further information on cookies uploaded by the Google Analytics service via the following link: 

How to modify the configuration of the cookies.
You can restrict, block, or delete the cookies of any web page using your browser. The operation is different in each browser; the function ‘Help’ will show you how to do it. Moreover, you can also manage cookie storage in your browser via tools like the following:

The user can disable the analysis cookie of this website through the exclusion systems provided by Google Analytics. For example, the following browser extension