Fikusworks is the easy and quick CAM solution for wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM) integrated in SOLIDWORKS. It combines high flexibility and adaptability to the different machines on the market.

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Fikusworks is the CAM solution for wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM) fully integrated in SOLIDWORKS. Once your CAD tasks are completed, you can directly access FikusWorks tab from the SOLIDWORKS main menu and work with Fikus, the easy-to-use user-friendly efficient solution for WEDM.
The highest machining quality and speeds are provided by Technological Wizards for each machine. They are available and suitable for any machine on the market, adapting the machining programming for any part to each machine characteristics.
  • Full integration with SOLIDWORKS
  • Dramatic lead time and working hours reduction
  • Shortest calculation times on the market
  • Highest machining quality and speeds for each machine
  • Machining manager for easy and safe work programming
  • Automatic Feature Recognition
  • Higher control of machining tool paths
  • Increases quality and reduced machining error
  • Compatible with any wire EDM machine thanks to its specific wizards and technology databases
  • Most advanced algorithms supporting 2x and 4x cutting
  • First commercially available solution for 4x processing
  • Fikusworks enables significantly improved productivity and manufacturing times, with dedicated machining wizards for different machines, templates, customizable technology databases or automatic technical points, which are available to make your work easier and more productive.
  • Easy to use. The CAM Manager leads the user through the logical manufacturing sequential process, from defining the geometry and creating the part to cut, to the process definition, calculation and simulation and postprocessing of CNC programming.
  • Postprocessors are specific for each machine - dedicated Technology Wizards and postprocessor for every specific machine are at hand to enable FikusWorks users to easily program machining jobs in just seconds and without errors.
  • The automatic feature recognition can detect all features that must be cut of a part with just a few clicks of your mouse.
  • Cutting strategies and templates for the best machining. You can save already tested cutting strategies as templates to save time and  avoid mistakes.
  • Technology wizards - FikusWorks includes cutting conditions databases from most machine makers worldwide, both new and old. This allows you to automatically generate your programs easily for any machine.
  • The new die cutting wizard helps you create different geometries and die-cut relief and die-cut life according to the machine and each job specifications.
  • A realistic cutting path simulator displays the part, stock and wire as solids and moves the wire along the calculated path.  It also shows coordinates and angle of conicity at each point.
  • 2-axis wire EDM
  • 4-axis wire EDM
  • Compatible with all machines: ONA, GF Machining Solutions - Agie Charmilles, AccuteX, ACT Spark, ARD, Chmer, Fanuc, Hitachi, Joemars, Mitsubishi, Makino, Sodick, Acra, Excetek, SPM, Maxsee, Hspark, Seibu, JSEDM, Japax, Brother, Electronica.

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