Tetra4D products are the most advanced solution for reusing and sharing 3D CAD data precisely and interactively through 3D PDF documents using native technologies found in Adobe Reader® and Adobe Acrobat®.

Showcased products

Tetra4D Converter

Tetra4D Converter provides the tools you need to share designs based on models with suppliers, together with a complete support to import PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) data, such as dimensions, tolerances, annotations and smart PMI procedure states.
This is the perfect solution to convert 3D CAD data into 3D PDF or other formats to share with anybody or with the CAM/Production department.
Given the universality of Adobe Reader, 3D PDF files can be viewed, commented and shared by virtually anybody. The creation of sectioning views, measurements and functions make working together easy and efficient.
  • Control of data included.
  • Solid geometry precision.
  • 3D PDF is a format occupying much less space than the traditional CAD.
  • It can be opened with Acrobat Reader®.
  • It can be exported to other neutral formats
  • Conversion maintains the PMI (quotas, annotations, tolerances, etc.)
  • Quick, simple and accessible for anybody – It easily converts files without expensive licences and dense procedures. Directly in Acrobat Pro.
  • Translate CAD data – In the same way they are exported. It exports precise geometric 3D CAD data to STEP, IGES, JT, STL, Parasolid and ACIS from all the main CAD formats for their use in subsequent Apps.
  • There is no need to own or learn how to use expensive 3D CAD systems. With Tetra4D Converter anybody can convert precision 3D data from the latest versions of CATIA, Pro/E, SOLIDWORKS, Inventor and all other important CAD Apps to 3D PDF directly in Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  • Always visible in Acrobat Reader® - The addressee only needs Acrobat Reader
  • Tetra4D Converter is created with the native technology of all the Acrobat® products, which guarantees the 3D contents are shown accurately every time it is opened with Acrobat Reader®.
  • It works with your equipment – Without expensive licences, just with Acrobat Reader® you can collaborate, measure, check, comment, etc.
  • Complete representation of CAD data in a compressed file. The 3D PDF models are up to 97% smaller than the original CAD models, yet maintain geometric precision and the PMIs, facilitating their shared use.
  • Security options. All the Acrobat Pro control, security options and permissions, including signatures and passwords. Make sure your intellectual property is only opened by the specified addressee with the security of Adobe Acrobat passwords. You can control user access to views and capacity to mark and export files.
  • Translation of 3D CAD data
  • Visualisation of 3D CAD models
  • Collaboration and shared use of 3D CAD data.
  • Design revision
  • Product presentations

Tetra4D Enrich

Unique solution to create interactive 3D PDF documents with different data sources without having to program anything.
Tetra4D Enrich comes with all the Tetra4D Converter conversion technology, which ensures compatibility with the latest versions of REVIT, CATIA®, PTC® Creo, Pro/E, NX™, Solid Edge®, SOLIDWORKS®, Autodesk® Inventor®, Autodesk AutoCAD® and other main CAD formats.
  • Connect your original 3D CAD Model to other relevant data managed by PLM/ERP such as materials (BOM), metadata, prices, dates, etc.
  • It defines widgets and interactions between the 3D scene and non-geometric data.
  • It allows safe controlled access to the data users need
  • It creates customised 3D PDF templates designed to adapt to any workflow.
  • Tetra 4D Enrich enables anybody including users with no knowledge of CAD programs or programming to create enriched interactive 3D PDF documents. And since no specialised experience in programming is required, users can create advanced 3D PDF files in record time. With one click insert a 3D CAD model, a list of materials and a viewing carousel.

  • Improve your 3D PDF documents making them interactive, more attractive and comprehensible. Interactivity can easily be added between 3D models, non-graphic data and other product information to create customised actions like: filling in views, changing rendering modes, showing texts and much more.
  • Use Tetra4D Enrich and Adobe Acrobat Pro to create your own customised template or use existing templates to create attractive documents, like: work instructions, catalogues of parts, maintenance handbooks and technical data packages (TDP).
  • Efficient and accessible. Critical documents can be created without additional internal or external resources at a reasonable price, thereby saving time and money. Until now, you needed programming experience or expensive business solutions to create said documents.
  • Tetra4D Enrich includes the latest version of Tetra4D Converter, enabling conversion of over 20 of the major CAD formats to native 3D PDF (including Autodesk® Inventor®, CATIA®, PTC Creo®, Solid Works®, NX™ and neutral formats like STEP, IGES, Parasolid and JT). Users can also make 3D measurements, comments and create new views to improve collaboration.
  • Tetra4D Enrich groups all the necessary product information in a single document, including: 3D CAD models, CAD metadata, PMI and smart business systems such as ERP and PLM.
  • Design revision
  • Sales and marketing presentations. 
  • Catalogue of parts.
  • Work instructions.
  • Technical Data Package (TDP).
  • Data engineering versions and notification of design change
  • Quotation estimates or proposal and support request based on Model Based Engineering (MBE).

Tetra4D Reviewer

Tetra4D Reviewer included FREE with the purchase of Tetra4D Converter and/or Tetra4D Enrich.
Tetra4D Reviewer is a high-performance native CAD viewer and modelling tool which enables easy interaction with components and assemblies of over 20 major CAD formats.
  • X64bit application for large 3D model processing
  • Access to assembly structure, native CAD views, PMI and metadata
  • It executes design review operations based on exact geometries
  • Measuring parts and assemblies with precision, including minimum distances between components.
  • See and calculate cross-section sections.
  • Calculate bounding box with dimensions.
  • Calculate physical properties (volume, mass and centre of gravity) of parts and assemblies
  • Analyse lead-out angles.
  • Compare 2 versions of a part.
  • Combine heterogeneous CAD data in the same document.
  • Modify materials, textures, colours and illumination.
  • Move parts and save as a new CAD view.
  • Create exploded views.
  • Create technical illustrations (high resolution raster screenshots and vectorised screenshots).
  • Export CAD files to neutral and standard formats (3D PDF, STEP, JT, 3MF, Parasolid, etc.)
  • Compare two versions of the same part to identify geometric modifications.
  • ‘Fly through’ mode allowing navigation through a large assembly with an intuitive fly or walking through displacement controls.
  • Dimensioning – Obtain several kinds of precise dimensions using exact geometry.
  • Create exploded views fast to prepare presentations of products and work instructions
  • Check whether parts can be manufactured analysing lead-out angles.
  • Cross-section – See and calculate exact sections with multiple options
  • Visualisation of parts and assemblies
  • Design review
  • Preparation of work instructions
  • CAD data translation
  • Quotation or proposal requests

Tetra4D Automate

Improve communication and collaboration in the company or project with automated optimised creation of 3D PDF.
Tetra4D Automate is a simple server solution to automatically generate interactive 3D PDF documents with abundant data from PDM/PLM systems or internal storage networks.
  • It is integrated with PDM/PLM or can be implemented simply in ‘watch folder’ mode.
  • It supports over 20 CAD formats with complete assembly structure support, PMI, CAD views and attributes.
  • It adds all the necessary information in a document, including the CAD model, list of materials and metadata.
  • It generates fit-to-purpose documents for different cases of use thanks to the highly customisable Tetra4 Enrich templates.
  • It admits key functions like security management, file connection and conversion of CAD files to standard formats.
  • Tetra4D Automate enables manufacturers of any size to speed up documentation and communication workflows without the need for a costly complex business solution.  It efficiently expands 3D PDF use with minimal IT effort: fewer software installations, updates and administration, etc., thereby saving time and money.
  • Simple easy-to-implement server solution - Tetra4D Automate requires minimal amount of customisation, training and integration support enabling companies to start using the product immediately without interruptions or idle times in their processes.
  • Use Tetra4D Enrich and Adobe Acrobat Pro to create your own customised template or use existing templates to create attractive documents, such as product visualisation, engineering data version, design change notifications, maintenance handbooks and technical data packages (TDP).
  • Flexibility on demand – Generation of 3D PDF files can be activated with PDM/PLM events (i.e.  Check-in, Status change, etc.), watch-folder or manually activated by the PDM/PLM customer, which enables flexibility within structured environments or established procedures.
  • Complete product information added – 3D PDF files created with Tetra4D Automate offer complete assembly structure support, PMI, CAD views and attributes, including LDM metadata and information administered by PDM, PLM and ERP systems.
  • Generate visualisation modes of products.
  • Technical Data Package (TDP).
  • Change of design notification.
  • Quotation requests.
  • Lists of Spares.

Tetra4D Reader (mobile)

Tetra4D Reader the free mobile App for everybody expands 3D PDF advantages by letting you see and interact with smart 3D PDF files directly in your tablet or Smartphone Android.
Tetra4D Reader mobile App admits all the interactive functions of the 3D PDF files created with Tetra4D Enrich and Tetra4D Automate.
Tetra 4D Reader Mobile guarantees all functions which no other PDF reader on the market can do.

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