MIC intelligent automation platform

The MIC software platform is the "Orchestra Conductor" of autonomous manufacturing processes, which learn and adjust in real time, providing flexibility and productivity, and thus greater autonomy and profitability.

MIC Manufacturing Intelligence Core

Intelligent manufacturing

MIC is a flexible solution that connects process assets for different automation needs.

It is smart because:

  • Connects with assets and people
  • autonomously manages, executes and controls processes and makes decisions
  • Integrates in-the-loop inspection
  • Apply process know-how, analytics and machine learning to optimize quality and productivity (feedback loop).
  • Centralizes and manages knowledge

Optimizes investment and reduces production costs

The use of MIC software optimizes CAPEX and reduces OPEX.

  • Increases productivity 50% improvement in the use of installed capacity.
  • Improved overall efficiency 30% improvement in OEE.
  • Reduces manufacturing cost 20% reduction of unit cost per piece.
  • Reduces semi-finished product stock and production lead time.
  • Improves quality with up to 50% scrap reduction.

No need to dismantle your current production systems

The strength of the MIC platform lies in its double capacity: it allows the integration of decentralized or unconnected equipment and makes it possible to digitize the production process, making it scalable and flexible.

Compatible and easy to integrate

The MIC platform has a modern and proven architecture that facilitates compatibility with most equipment controls, robotics and inspection solutions.

MIC adapts to the level of automation you require

Whatever you manufacture, you can achieve the level of automation you want: automate machines, robotic cells, production processes or complete manufacturing lines.

Implementation in projects with a defined scope

  • Pick&Place, warehouse, robot, production equipment.
  • Pick&Place, warehouse, robot, production equipment, inspection equipment.
  • Pick&Place, warehouse, robot, production equipment (up to 5 machines and 2 technologies) and inspection equipment.

Tailor-made projects

We carry out automation projects tailored to the customer's needs and adapted to their time and availability.


We implement the MIC solution responding to the specific and quantifiable requirements in terms of performance, time, etc. that you wish to achieve, from the smallest integration need to complex industrial processes.

Customizable to your production needs

Thanks to its modular approach, the MIC platform allows flexible and scalable automation of any production process.

Here's how MIC automates and inspects a simple process

The indispensable automation system