MIC Starter: Boost your production digitization and automation

Power your production with MIC Starter, the solution that takes your manufacturing processes to digitization and automation without interruption. Increase your productivity with our intuitive and scalable technology, preparing your business to succeed in Industry 4.0.

Real-time visualization of plant management data

The MIC Starter platform enables operators and manufacturing managers to visualize real-time operational data and make the right decisions to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Know and maximize the capacity of your production plant

We have developed MIC Starter to offer a solution capable of boosting your production capacity with information. From the knowledge of manufacturing processes and with your feet on the ground.

MIC Starter features:

  • It allows to visualize the processes and production means to know what is happening in the workshop in real time.
  • It provides plant personnel with accurate information and guides them with task checklists, notifications and alarms.
  • It facilitates process standardization and time allocation, simplifying accurate costing and budgeting.
  • Easily scalable. Allows the capture of workshop data both automatically and manually.
  • It can be implemented quickly and is an easy-to-use tool for both operators and plant managers.
Machine tool monitoring system with real-time OEE, production, availability and quality graphs.

Key features of MIC Starter that will boost your workshop

Plant monitoring

MIC Starter gives the ability to have a clear, real-time view of the various processes.

Provides visibility of key asset availability and productivity, including tracking of manual operations.

Helps to understand what is happening on the shop floor. Identifies bottlenecks and areas for improvement thanks to its navigable dashboards and the generation of reports and KPIs.

Operator connected

MIC Starter interacts with the operator guiding him in his tasks through checklists and providing key documentation on each operation, alarms and notifications.

In addition, the operator can interact with the processes by providing data and information on incidents.

Process management

The system simplifies the creation of multi-reference manufacturing routings with objective data on the actual status of manufacturing orders.

MIC Starter has the ability to generate events and communicate them to plant personnel efficiently, minimizing inefficiencies and machine downtime.

Integrates program and tool management into a single solution.

Quality control

MIC Starter will integrate the quality information provided directly by inspection or control systems and manually by the operator.

In this way, the entire control stage will be digitized and integrated, regardless of the inspection technology used and the form of data capture.


It allows planning production-related activities taking into account the available resources.

MIC Starter understands all the equipment in use and identifies in real time the best work sequence.

It is responsible for reducing downtime and consuming fewer resources.

Integration with existing software

It integrates with existing ERP or WMS software, as well as other business applications in a bidirectional way to ensure data consistency.

Through this communication MIC Starter is fed with data collected in the ERP automatically. And in turn, MIC Starter instantly updates the ERP unattended.

The days of repetitive manual data loading are long gone.

Documentary management

Allows to know the time needed to manufacture the parts, even one product unit.

Collects data on machine working times, operators, inspection, assembly, third operations, etc.

Generates reports that simplify the calculation of realistic manufacturing times, optimize a flow or make a more specific planning, for example. Budgeting quotations to customers will be easier and more efficient!

Centralized management and customization of access in the cloud

MIC Starter runs on a web platform with remote access. In this way, it is shared by all operational areas of the company.

Having a single platform and a common database limits errors in coordination between departments and simplifies information flows between processes.

It allows customizing views and profiling information by roles.


Plans and schedules production in an autonomous and dynamic way.

The MIC Planner module allows you to get the most out of your machining plant.

It takes into account available resources to plan production, reducing downtime and consuming fewer resources.

It identifies in real time the best workflow and is able to simulate and learn automatically from historical data.

MIC PLANNER module screen where production can be planned and scheduled.
MIC COMPASS module interface where manufacturing personnel can report faults in real time.


Enhances employees' ability to solve problems in an agile manner

MIC Starter incorporates the COMPASS module that facilitates the daily operations of plant personnel.

The operator has the information he needs at all times at his fingertips, can report faults in real time and is empowered to actively solve production problems.

With an intuitive interface, it reduces the learning curve and enables the digitization of the operator's work and its integration into the process. It improves not only productivity, but also operator ergonomics by systematizing the operation of manual processes.

It is easy to use COMPASS effectively.

MIC Starter: the starting point for orderly and integrated growth

Even if you are not sure how far you will automate in the future, with MIC Starter you will have the peace of mind that you will be able to adapt it and incorporate new functionalities at the pace demanded by the company.


Production sequencer
Workflow manager, library.
Production control
Document viewer
Notifications and alarms
Data validation
Quality, checklist
Users, profiles and resources configurator.
Plant monitoring
Reports, KPIs, Dashboards
Integrated with the company's existing ERP system
Role-based profile management
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Sensorization of machines:

  • Integrates the sensorization of machines and devices by digitizing data capture processes.
  • It facilitates the integration of machines, quality control and inspection equipment, material handling and loading solutions, and shop floor safety.
  • It allows operating in a hybrid model where information capture is partly manual and partly automatic.
  • It centralizes all signals in real time and ensures consistency of data shared by all production areas.

And all the functionalities of STARTER.
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Machining chain managed from the MIC system installed on a tablet.


Autonomous management of processes based on rules and workflows:

  • Advanced workflow manager with the possibility of incorporating rules.
  • Rule editor to incorporate autonomous decision making in the processes.
  • Customization of rules at reference, process and machine level.
  • Automatic communication and event management with machine and operators.
  • Integrates inspection data into decision making.

And all the functionalities of STARTER +.

MIC Manufacturing Intelligence Core

Starter is a specific configuration of the MIC platform for workshops that want to start digitizing and increase their competitiveness.

Its main features:

  • Easily integrates assets, people and processes.
  • Manages, executes and controls processes autonomously.
  • Integrates inspection into the process in real time.
  • It centralizes knowledge and the whole team has access to quality information.
  • It is scalable and adapts to each company.
  • Easy to implement and operate.

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