Engineering and Projects

We have an engineering team specialized in industrial processes to accompany you in the improvement of your processes and execute automation projects successfully.

Services to optimize processes and maximize automation

We offer high value services according to your needs to take your industrial processes to another level.

Design and execution of automation project

From SMARTPM we drive together with the customer the execution of the implementation project of our automation solutions, accompanying them from the diagnosis and proposals for action, to the commissioning and subsequent operation and maintenance.

We address projects from the smallest need for integration to complex industrial processes, automating machines, robotic cells, production processes or complete manufacturing lines.

Cell and production line design

Our engineering team also designs customized cells and automated production lines designed from scratch to maximize productivity.

We work closely with customers and manufacturers of machinery and other components to implement flexible manufacturing systems that ensure optimized production flow and optimum performance at every stage of the industrial process.

We facilitate the financing of these solutions through access to subsidies, renting... integrating the search and management of them within the turnkey solution.


If your processes are not robust enough to be automated, we will also help you to improve them.

We will identify areas for improvement in machining and metrology processes with a focus on intelligent manufacturing.

Customer relationship

We understand the link with companies as a partnership in which we provide value from the beginning and throughout the relationship.


Assessment and technical qualification of the customer's processes by the engineering team.


We offer an innovative solution to improve processes.


We implement and integrate the solution in the customer's plant.


The customer receives training sessions from our specialized team.


SMARTPM team provides ongoing support to the client after project completion


People are the company's main asset. They play a key role and change management is a critical factor for the success of automation projects.

That is why, in addition to designing our solutions with the users in mind, we accompany the customer with training plans to update their skills and knowledge.

Maintenance and technical support

As part of our commitment to our customers and their user experience, we have plans that aim to maximize the efficiency and return of our solutions.