Configuration through modules by and for the user

The modularity of the MIC platform allows flexible and scalable automation of any production plant.

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We also have specific MIC configurations for milling and EDM processes.


Single point of control of the entire automated process

The MIC CORE module is the management and decision engine of the automated process. From the information collected by the platform, this module can manage both the machinery and the production workflows.

  • Preparation of the cell and study of the availability of resources.
  • Flexible scheduling and capacity management.
  • Automation of workflows and autonomous execution, sharing NC files, acting on the handling equipment/robots.
  • Process rules manager that analyzes and automates decision making.
  • Agile incorporation of changes in the process (volume, processing route, part typology...) and/or in the scalability of the same.
  • Adaptable to different machine and work-in-process control configurations (e.g. wip management).
  • Warehouse management and centralized handling solutions.

This module is the centerpiece of any of the client configurations to be implemented.


The clear and intuitive interface for interacting with processes

The UI module provides users with a simple, single window to manage the MIC platform. The interface is designed with "user friendly" criteria and configurable profiling to adapt it to different user profiles.

  • Visualization of key indicators of cell operation (equipment status, workflow status, parts in process, finished parts, etc.).
  • Accessibility both locally and remotely.
  • Generation of customizable dashboards with dynamic content, graphics...
  • Possibility of launching events through the MIC CORE module.
  • Import / export of data (work orders, planning...) from external systems such as ERP, MES, CAM, SCADA, PLM, etc., allowing also manual input.
  • Alarm management.
  • Traceability management, characterization of each critical element (raw material, finished product, semi-finished product, tooling) and possibility of identification and location (possibility of working with different solutions: Barcode, QR, RFID, UWB).

Together with CORE, the UI module is the cornerstone for cell automation, bringing clarity and transparency to cell management.


Facilitates machine integration and bi-directional interaction with machines

The MIC PROCESSES module manages the interaction of the cell with the machining machines integrated in it. It allows different configurations depending on the type of equipment (MILL & TURN, GRIND, EDM, WIRE-CUT...) and the number of machines integrated in the automation.

  • Incorporate assets easily with different configurations.
  • Manage the NC files with the equipment, being able to generate a CAM file autonomously.
  • Act on machine parameters by incorporating corrections autonomously.
  • Autonomous management of robot operations, both basic and secondary operations.
  • Define data flows to be captured from the equipment to meet the needs of the MIC DATA and MIC UI modules.
  • PLC.

In short, it is composed of different sub-modules that are configured as the interface of the MIC Core with the equipment that make up the cell.


Autonomously and dynamically optimizes workflows

Planning is one of the most important phases in the production process. The MIC PLANNER module allows you to plan and schedule production dynamically and intelligently.

  • It plans the tasks and jobs for the assets that make up the cell (manufacturing, handling, people...).
  • It plans the industrial process according to the status of the assets in real time, with the possibility of autonomous replanning.
  • Optimizes planning according to customizable drivers per customer and from the embedded AI application.
  • Ability to simulate and learn.
  • Possibility of integrating LEAN philosophy.


Metrology applied to machining processes

The MIC platform allows quality management within the same process. Its INSPECT module provides autonomy and manages inspection, control and metrology assets both in an integrated manner and at the end of the production line.

  • It allows working with different technologies in a coherent way, providing a 360º vision.
  • Incorporates the management of the pre-setting sub-processes identified in the workflows.
  • Improves quality. Facilitates control within the processes, increasing the percentage of good parts the first time.
  • Automation (e.g. reducing loading/unloading times, improving scheduling by avoiding long interruptions) facilitates improved utilization and increased operating hours, minimizing the risk of bottlenecks.

The MIC INSPECT module incorporates our knowledge and experience in metrology applied to machining processes where accuracy requirements are critical.


Uses data to optimize the process dynamically

The MIC DATA module makes it possible to visualize in real time what is happening in the production process. And not only that. It exploits the data to facilitate the understanding of why it is happening. It helps to diagnose inefficiencies and promotes continuous improvement and, in the future, to be able to provide the cell with autonomy based on the capabilities provided by AI.

  • Active data quality management and data standardization.
  • Can be integrated with different communication protocols.
  • Mixed architecture: on premise, edge & cloud.
  • Ease of data access and possible data export.
  • Accessible for external data mining modules (e.g. simulation tools).
  • Flexible and scalable.
  • Secure: incorporates security protocols according to market standards.

The MIC DATA module uses the full potential of the data to optimize the process dynamically.


Keeps your installation always in perfect condition

The MIC platform is a living solution that periodically incorporates new modules and functionalities. The BUILDER module is designed to facilitate system management, both implementation and configuration as well as maintenance and updating.

Picture of the BUILDER module of the MIC software

Easy installation

The software architecture is oriented to facilitate implementation so that automation projects do not take too long and the system can be operational on time, thus reducing start-up costs.

Intuitive configuration

The configuration of the platform is simple, allowing to generate automation routines without having to touch code, relying on a graphical user interface - GUI and wizards to adjust/incorporate changes.

Easy maintenance and updating

The module allows software maintenance actions (installation, update, configuration) to be performed locally and remotely, minimizing the associated cost.

MIC configurations

The use of the MIC system will allow you to maximize up to 50% the use of the installed machinery and solve the most common production problems in the manufacturing industry.