Automated machining cell for the educational sector.
Machining cell designed and automated by SMARTPM specifically for educational centers.

Facilitates students' practical training in a real-world environment

COMPACT CELL is an educational equipment for learning smart industry solutions in the field of machining. It contemplates machining, robotics, IoT, traceability, metrology (preseting and inspection) and real learning of new CAM tools.

Increases the center's teaching capacity

Its main contributions:

  • It allows the transition from theoretical to practical training based on the use of real industrial elements.
  • It facilitates a more interactive, participatory, motivating and contextualized learning with reality.
  • It speeds up the integration of the student in the workplace.
  • It contributes to an improvement in the image of the center by providing state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Improves teacher training, and the possibilities of socializing this knowledge to the environment (companies, unemployed, ...).

Real simulation of a factory of the future

The cell allows a complete process vision, from warehouse management to machining and inspection so that the student assimilates and automates the importance of the inherent relationship between manufacturing, dimensional control and visual inspection.


The COMPACT CELL machining cell is automated by the MIC automation platform.
It is equipped with: 3-axis CNC milling machine + 6-axis robot arm + State-of-the-art measuring probe + Configurable magazine.

Automation powered by MIC

COMPACT CELL is powered by the MIC platform, our industrial automation system.

It applies to the COMPACT CELL educational cell as well as to highly complex industrial cells with numerous assets.

Commercial contact

In Spain

We market our COMPACT CELL through ALECOP, a company specialized in technical didactic equipment. Interested centers can contact the Alecop team.

Outside Spain

Contact the SMARTPM team