Pick&Place and Smart Storage

An easy-to-implement automation solution with immediate payback

METAFLEX enables unattended machining processes thanks to automated machine feeding

The METAFLEX system can provide autonomy to one or more machines and consists of a loading robot, a palletized loading magazine and MIC automation software.

A compact and fast solution to integrate into your processes

Thanks to its compact design METAFLEX is perfect to take the first step towards industrial automation, easily manageable and in a bounded form.

Integration features:

  • Compatible with different CNC machining processes
  • Autonomously manages the loading robot and the storage of parts, tools and tooling
  • Adaptable to different palletizing systems
  • Preconfigured to integrate CMM inspection
  • Available in different load capacities

Main advantages offered by METAFLEX

Plug & Play

The start-up and implementation of METAFLEX is fast, with minimal impact on the company's day-to-day operations.

Easy to use

It has a simple user interface, which makes it easy and intuitive to use, accelerating the achievement of improvements in a very short time.


Being configurable, METAFLEX has a growth capacity that allows it to accompany the company in the evolution and growth of its processes.


The flexibility and versatility of METAFLEX allows it to service different machining processes and part types (weight and volume).

Components of METAFLEX

The METAFLEX pick & place and intelligent storage system is equipped with: Warehouse with palletized loading, + Loading robot + MIC automation software.

METAFLEX family of solutions

The METAFLEX system is available in 3 models for different loading requirements



Robot supports a load of up to 150 kg (workpiece + tool).

500 kg capacity per shelf


Robot supports a load of up to 300 kg (workpiece + tool).

1,200 kg capacity per shelf



We offer customized solutions for parts up to 1,500 kg.

This is METAFLEX150

Automation powered by MIC

METAFLEX is powered by the MIC platform, our industrial automation system.

It is applied in METAFLEX for simple automation with full traceability and monitoring.


What are your needs?

A company's productivity and production capacity can be increased without the need to incorporate new machinery or new operators.

METAFLEX provides the equipment with autonomy for unattended operation, which makes it possible to take full advantage of the equipment and obtain greater performance.
Rigidity in the use of equipment and operator participation limits the company's flexibility when planning production orders, affecting cycle times, inventory management...

Having solutions such as METAFLEX makes it possible to launch processes without dependencies, facilitates planning and thus the flexibility to deal with orders more efficiently and with less consumption of resources.

Many times, even if we have the right processes and machinery, we cannot get the most out of it due to the human factor.


This results in quality problems, lack of motivation of people, underutilization of our resources,... generating low yields in the processes.

The productivity of a company and its teams is one of the key indicators for its competitiveness and position compared to its competitors and its sector.

Obtaining the highest productivity from our teams and personnel with solutions such as METAFLEX will make us as competitive as possible.

Do you have any doubts?

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