Case Study: Integration of MIC system and ARION G machine from Zayer

ZAYER and SMARTPM have worked together on an industrial automation project, consisting of the integration of the MIC platform in the real manufacturing environment of the ARION G high-performance machine, provided by Zayer.


Enhancing the capabilities of ZAYER's ARION G multifunctional machining machine with MICRO process automation technology MIC process automation technology process automation technology.


The MIC automation platform is implemented on the Zayer connected machine and configured with the defined scope. In this case, we are looking for the automation of machining and measuring operations, with integration of Siemens 840D sl CNC and integrating inspection with Hexagon and Renishaw probe.

With an implementation time of less than a week, the actual machining process is carried out with different stages controlled by MIC. From the inspection data collected by the platform, the reprocessing is also carried out autonomously, with tool wear correction. All this is done autonomously without operator intervention.

Performing integration tests of Zayer's Arion G machine with the MIC platform.
Performing integration tests of Zayer's Arion G machine with the MIC platform.


✔ The entire process has been successfully executed autonomously controlled from a single point. MIC has managed a multi-programming workflow that contemplates not only machining and inspection, but also automated decision making based on the inspection results.

✔ The MIC platform has easily adapted to the machine configuration and facilitated the control of the work in process, not only capturing information from the machining center control, but also sending programs to the machining center for execution.

Automation has improved production flexibility, reduced set-up and diagnostic times and maximized the usability of the ZAYER ARION G machine.

Interior of the ARION G multitasking machine during automation implementation
Interior of the ARION G multifunction machine during automation implementation.

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