Use Case: CELL COMPACT and MIC for Training Centers

The CELL COMPACT machining cell has been designed and automated by SMARTPM specifically for educational centers providing training in industrial areas.


Training centers

Vocational Training Centers that teach:

  • Advanced Technician in Production Programming in Mechanical Manufacturing
  • Specialization Course in Intelligent Manufacturing

Technical Universities that teach:

  • Mechanical Engineering Degree
  • Industrial Technology Engineering Degree
  • Postgraduate in Computational Engineering and Intelligent Systems
  • Postgraduate Degree in Control, Automation and Robotics Engineering
  • Postgraduate in Digital Fabrication

Needs to be covered

Training needs for technicians at qualification levels 4, 5, and 6 with professional skills to develop and manage production process adaptation projects, identifying production objectives, taking into account key performance indicators (KPIs), and applying advanced production control technologies and quality and safety requirements.

This translates into:

  • To have training material for the students.
  • To have pedagogical material for the teaching staff.
  • To have physical means that allow training (tests, practices...).

They work with punctual financing subject to public bidding in which the definition of requirements (specifications) is key, and the times are slow. In addition, it does not have a route for subscription models, but is oriented towards investment.

In machining, the machine is almost self-cleaning with the chip extractor or a blower. Here we see it during a trade fair.

Solution implemented


3-axis milling, pre-setting and inspection of parts with the use of an inspection probe. Robotization of handling and operations with inspection probe. 


MIC automation and control platform + JM milling machine + ABB robot + HEXAGON inspection probe + SMARTPM warehouse.

MIC is the software that constitutes the industrial management system. It is applied to the CELL COMPACT educational cell as well as to industrial cells of great complexity and active numbers.

Impact on the center

Allows the transition from theoretical to practical training based on the use of real industrial elements.

✔ Facilitates a more interactive, participatory, motivating and contextualized learning with reality.

✔ S treamlines the integration of students into the workplace.

✔ Contributes with an improvement in the image of the center by having state-of-the-art means.

Improves teacher training, and the possibilities of socializing that knowledge to the environment (companies, unemployed, ...).

The CELL COMPACT automated machining cell in operation at BIEHM 2022


Public or private educational institutions, public administrations and/or companies established in Spain in the field of Vocational Training Centers or for employment can acquire an automated machining cell.

Interested centers can contact the Alecop team contact the Alecop team.