Grants to start up Automation Projects in 2023: Renove Industria 4.0

The 2023 call of the Industry 4.0 Renove plan subsidizes the acquisition of advanced technological solutions such as SMARTPM.

Very wow grants to start automation projects 2023.

The RENOVE INDUSTRIA 4.0 program for industrial and service SMEs linked to industrial production has just been published. It is aimed at companies with a center of activity in the Basque Country that wish to improve their productivity by modernizing their equipment, both hardware and software, during 2023.

Companies that meet the established requirements will be eligible for a non-repayable grant of 25% of the expenses, with a maximum of €100,000 per project.

Among the areas that will benefit from these grants are collaborative robotics, artificial intelligence, the internet of things (IoT), augmented reality, industrial cybersecurity and additive manufacturing, among other key technologies for the industry of the future.

Eligible projects in which you can count on our support

This year 2023 the RENOVE INDUSTRY 4.0 plan contemplates a series of grants and programs designed to implement innovative technological solutions such as those offered by SMARTPM.

Small and medium-sized companies can benefit from grants to implement advanced automation software such as the MIC platform and the associated engineering service costs.

SMARTPM can help you in any of the following eligible projects:

  • Advanced Manufacturing projects with advanced machinery and/or equipment (Hardware and Software) incorporating Big Data and Advanced Analytics techniques.
  • Additive Manufacturing projects, which promote production/manufacturing in a flexible manner and through various types of materials.
  • Advanced and Collaborative Robotics projects, incorporating connected robots that collaborate in real time with workers, other robots and even machines.
  • IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) projects, which allow to sensor and guarantee the internet connectivity of all types of devices and machinery within the factory.
  • Artificial Intelligence projects aimed at the industrial environment, where machines and/or plant equipment are able to learn and make decisions autonomously.
  • Cyber-physical systems projects incorporating components, physical objects or in-plant machinery with advanced computing and connectivity capabilities.

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Also for the acquisition of METAFLEX, easy to implement and with immediate return.

The RENOVE INDUSTRY 4.0 program includes the acquisition of advanced machinery such as the METAFLEX system, the intelligent pick&place and storage solution developed by SMARTPM.

Model METAFLEX150 for small parts with a capacity of 500 kg per shelf

METAFLEX enables unattended machining processes thanks to automated machine tending. It consists of a loading robot, palletized loading magazine and MIC automation software.

Thanks to its compact design, it is perfect to take the first step towards industrial automation, easily manageable and in a limited form.

We solve your doubts

From SMARTPM we want to take this moment to help you to optimize processes and automate your workshop. A better control of production is one of the most effective strategies to increase efficiency in companies.

If you have any doubts about the grants or want to know more about our automation solutions, call us at 943 70 70 97 or write to us at. You can also contact us through LinkedIn.

We analyze the best way to automate your industrial processes. We advise you so that its implementation involves the lowest possible cost.

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