OPEN HOUSE SMARTPM 2023: Productivity and Profitability linked to the Factory of the Future

SMARTPM is pleased to invite all those interested in the improvement of production processes and intelligent automation to attend the OPEN HOUSE 2023 that we will be holding in our FACTORY Lab on March 30th.

The central theme of the OPEN HOUSE 2023 organized by SMARTPM is "How to improve productivity and profitability of production processes through automation" and counts MAQcenter, Hexagon, ABB, ZOLLER and Hoffmann Group as collaborating companies.

This is the first event we organize in OPEN HOUSE format at our facilities in Elgoibar (Gipuzkoa). It will be held on Thursday, March 30 and, to facilitate your attendance, we will offer two sessions, one in the morning from 10:00 to 12:00 and another one in the afternoon from 15:30 to 17:30.

Places are limited and you can reserve your place now.

A meeting for the industrial sector

The event is a unique opportunity for people in the industrial sector who want to acquire a vision of the future and learn first-hand how intelligent automation is already improving the productivity of production processes.

Intelligent automation goes beyond automating repetitive processes. New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Smart Data are being implemented in the automation systems themselves. They not only connect assets and execute tasks, but also make decisions autonomously, with the aim of further optimizing production. This is enabling, among other advantages, previously impossible production flexibility.

Poster of the SMARTPM OPEN HOUSE with the title: "How to improve productivity and profitability of production processes through automation".

OPEN HOUSE 2023 Program

We will receive you with a welcome coffee and we will make a brief presentation on the Factory of the Future from our vision and that of the collaborating companies, and how to make this evolution towards an intelligent management of manufacturing.

Then you will learn how it is possible to connect the productive assets of the company with solutions such as MIC and how the platform is able to distribute and coordinate all the tasks to be performed. And also, how the application of AI technologies can multiply the optimization of production.

In addition, so that you can see live the whole automated process, we will open the doors of our Factory Lab, the SMARTPM facility where we have a real manufacturing cell with different processes. In this workshop we test our solutions and work on time and defect optimization, among others, and show how these solutions can also be applied in short series and multiple references.

Productivity, profitability and the factory of the future are in SMARTPM's OPEN HOUSE!