SMARTPM and ALECOP to market automated machining cells for the education sector

The collaboration will allow VET schools and Universities to have the innovative SMARTPM solution from the hand of ALECOP, reinforcing its commitment to training for the industry of the future.

After some time jointly carrying out training activities linked to Industry 4.0, SMARTPM and ALECOP have signed an agreement for the commercialization as training equipment of machining cells designed and manufactured by SMARTPM.

This collaboration will provide educational institutions with a fully operational machining cell, managed by the MIC automation platform and integrating a machining center, a 6-axis robot, a warehouse and an inspection point from Hexagon.

In this way, training centers will be able to offer their students a real production environment where they can familiarize themselves not only with real equipment such as those they will find in their workplace, but also with the concept of industry 5.0, integrating workshop operations with the digital environment and people.

José M. Castellanos, General Manager of SMARTPM, and Oskar Cobos, Alecop's Director of Educational Equipment, have formalized this agreement.

Thanks to this agreement, ALECOP incorporates SMARTPM cells equipped with MIC software to its catalog of educational equipment, becoming the exclusive distributor for the educational sector in Spain.

A practical, real-world cell for teaching in the industry of the future

The availability of a SMARTPM manufacturing cell improves the teaching capacity of training centers. It facilitates the students' access to a real environment, getting used to work together and simultaneously with different types of equipment that can integrate a cell, such as CNC, inspection, robot, warehouse management, CAM, etc.

Teachers will have a real infrastructure to show the complete process, from warehouse management to machining, robotics and inspection. It will be easier for students to learn the importance of the inherent relationship between manufacturing, dimensional control and visual inspection, and to assimilate the concept of "feedback loop" or autonomous process management.

In addition, it is an open development environment, i.e. teachers and students can incorporate new functionalities to the cell, both from the software and hardware point of view.

Adaptable to training needs

The cell is a real representation of the factory of the future. It integrates in a single platform different key assets, including machining, metrology (presetting and inspection) and the learning of new CAM tools. It offers the possibility of working with each of the assets independently or together.

Incorporates the MIC control softwarecontrol software, an open, flexible and continuously evolving automation platform. It also offers the possibility of customizing and integrating new functionalities both by SMARTPM and by the Training Center itself.

Contact for more information

Public or private educational institutions, public administrations and/or companies established in Spain in the field of Vocational Training Centers or for employment can acquire an automated machining cell.

Centers that are interested or would like to know in detail the characteristics of the cell can contact the Alecop team.