Tecnocim and SMARTPM bring AI applied to production closer to you

This collaboration brings Artificial Intelligence closer to the production sector, representing a breakthrough in the management of the factory of the future.

Faced with increasingly demanding requirements in terms of flexibility and costs, a more complex labor market and the emergence of new technologies applicable in the industry, Tecnocim and SMARTPM, through a strategic alliance, take a step forward to offer the market a disruptive solution related to automation and intelligent dynamic planning.

Tecnocim has been accompanying its customers for 35 years on their way to digitalization, from the implementation of the first computer systems and CAMs, to the adoption of 4.0 technologies.

SMARTPM is an engineering and solutions development company focused on intelligent automation. We accompany companies in the optimization of industrial processes from the knowledge of processes and their automation.

The MIC platform

MIC is a unique digital platform that, incorporating capabilities based on Artificial Intelligence, connects all the productive assets of the company, distributes and coordinates the tasks to be performed, and makes decisions in real time to the different circumstances that may arise, learning from experience to achieve a constant improvement in quality and productivity.

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As a result of the collaboration, SMARTPM and Tecnocim carried out a technical conference at the Centre de Formació Práctica de Manresa, focused on the application of Artificial Intelligence in the management of the factory of the future. During the event, the evolution of the industry in terms of the adoption of 4.0 and 5.0 technologies was reviewed, and the next phase was presented: automation and intelligent dynamic planning.