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The secret ingredient for smart industry success

Is it possible to achieve the transformation to smart industry alone?

The sheer number of available alternatives means that few companies are able to incorporate all the technology within a reasonable timeframe.

There is one key ingredient for a quick and successful adaptation.

Implement Industry 5.0 before Industry 4.0?

To find the answer, we will first see what are the main novelties of this industrial "revolution".

And to answer the question of whether it is feasible for companies to think about industry 5.0 right now, even before 4.0.

Industry 4.0: are we ready for the siren call?

The fourth industrial revolution brings with it a very palatable promise: greater flexibility and efficiency in industry, more connectivity and better economic performance.

Are we really ready to take on the changes required by Industry 4.0?

Steps to be taken as soon as possible to move towards the industry of the future.