Label: Automation in industry

Manual workpiece adjustment

Excessive production lead time: how to solve it?

How can we reduce the overall production time while maintaining quality and making better use of available resources?

We are talking about excessive production lead times and the OEE index, which measures the overall efficiency of production teams.

Two people collaborating

The secret ingredient for smart industry success

Is it possible to achieve the transformation to smart industry alone?

The sheer number of available alternatives means that few companies are able to incorporate all the technology within a reasonable timeframe.

There is one key ingredient for a quick and successful adaptation.

Round table: "The future of manufacturing".

Borja Rodrigo's "La nueva revolución industrial" (The new industrial revolution) brings together 5 guests to talk about new developments in manufacturing, future trends and robotics.

Broadcast live from the IBARMIA booth at BIEMH 2022.