Innobasque incorporates SMARTPM's FACTORY Lab to the Basque Innovation Map

SMARTPM's autonomous manufacturing cell has been considered a practical case of innovation, as it is a real and collaborative infrastructure that allows testing own developments, replicating customer projects and thus shortening process automation times.

SMARTPM's FACTORY Lab facility has recently been incorporated into the Basque Innovation Map, a unique platform launched by Innobasque to offer solutions that help companies to innovate. The interactive directory includes more than 165 case studies, among which SMARTPM has just been recognized as an example of innovative experience implemented and with satisfactory results.

Collaborative infrastructure to accelerate industrial automation

The FACTORY Lab is a unique infrastructure in its field with automated cells where different manufacturing, control and robotics equipment has been integrated to test in-house developments and customer projects and accelerate process automation.

The manufacturing environment, now incorporated as a incorporated as a Case Study in Innobasque's Innovation Map of Innobasque, was launched in early 2021. Since then, the infrastructure has enabled the generation of collaborations with important companies in the sector, such as ONA, OKUMA, ABB, Zoller and Hoffmann Group.

The FACTORY Lab is an environment open to improvements and new integrations. During 2022, the cell incorporated new functionalities and solutions, such as the pick & place and intelligent storage system METAFLEXintelligent pick & place and warehousing system, managed by the automation and control software MIC Manufacturing Intelligence Core. During 2023, new equipment, solutions and modules with technologies such as virtual reality and artificial vision are being incorporated . In addition, a redesign is underway for a novel fairing that keeps the cell compact and totally safe.

A roadmap of solutions to improve competitiveness and sustainability through innovation

The Basque Innovation Map is an initiative developed by Innobasque, the Basque Innovation Agency. The Map is an interactive tool that allows easy access to information on products, professional services and support instruments to respond to the challenges and needs of companies.

The platform is composed of different elements, such as companies, technology centers, universities, clusters, research centers and other relevant organizations in the field of innovation. These elements are represented in a directory that brings together for the first time more than 1000 solutions, contacts of 280 agents of the innovation ecosystem and 167 case studies.

Companies will find additional information about each of the agents present, such as their areas of specialization, outstanding projects, collaborations and relevant contacts.